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Expunging a California Conviction

Expunging an California Criminal Conviction

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor such as Assault or Theft, that criminal conviction is going to remain on your record forever. A misdemeanor is NOT an infraction – like a traffic ticket. A misdemeanor conviction is serious enough to prevent you from many of life’s greatest opportunities, including obtaining professional licenses, and many job opportunities.

80% of Employers Run Criminal Background checks on Job Applicants

These days, the smallest of employers can get a criminal background check online for as little as $19.95. If you are finding yourself rejected by employer after employer for positions that you knew you were a perfect fit – your record is very likely the underlying cause for you being passed over. Chances are good that you know this and are very frustrated.

A Misdemeanor Conviction is a Serious Criminal Offense

Many people think a misdemeanor is inconsequential: “A tiny step more serious than a speeding ticket…” Not so!

A misdemeanor conviction can, and often does results in incarceration in county jail up to ONE year! A misdemeanor conviction, though certainly less serious than a felony, is not a simple slap on the wrist. It is a serious charge that will follow you until you die. More importantly, it is not a charge that magically disappears from your record after a certain number of years pass.

However, with my help, there is something you can do about cleaning up your criminal record once and for all!

Andy Miri Can Help You Expunge an California Misdemeanor and some Felonies

Pursuant to California penal codes,  most misdemeanors and some Felony convictions can be expunged from your record once you have successfully completed all of the terms of your probation. If you pled guilty or no contest to an offense, your conviction can often be expunged three years after the date you entered your plea. Although successful completion of probation is a requirement, the law provides courts the discretion to expunge convictions where probation was violated, but later completed successfully.

What an California Expungement Can Do For You

Once your criminal conviction has been expunged, you can legally answer “NO” to direct questions of whether you were convicted of that crime. There are 2 exceptions to this general rule:

1) in an application for a state license
2) in an application for peace officer or public office

In all other instances, you can deny the conviction. There is some more good news for professionals, however. Many state licensing departments and others will give much greater latitude to applicants if the applicant’s record has been expunged. Other state licensing agencies actually require that you expunge your record as a criteria for licensing.

The Process of Obtaining an Expungement in California

The expungement process begins with the filing of a motion and petition with the same court in which the conviction to be expunged took place. The matter is then normally sent to the probation department for review. Probation then submits a report to the court and the matter is set for a hearing. Once the expungement is granted, the conviction is set-aside, a plea of not-guilty entered and the case is dismissed. The court then sends a copy of the order to the Department of Justice to update the individual’s criminal record.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney in the San Jose Area Andy Miri frequently helps clients with both misdemeanor and felony expungements. He will draft the motion to expunge, prepare and file the expungement petition, and appear at the hearing to argue on your behalf. You do not have to appear if the expungement is for a prior misdemeanor conviction. You will accompany Andy Miri if he will be working on a felony expungement for you. The upshot? Relax…, Attorney Andy Miri will take care of everything for you. Expunging your record is a relatively uncomplicated process with the help of an experienced attorney on your side.

Andy Miri has helped numerous clients get their convictions expunged. As a result, he knows how to optimize the chances of getting your motion granted by the judge. Moreover, if your prior case took place in the San Jose Area, Andy is very familiar with the courts where your expungement motion will be argued. This further increases your odds of success.

Begin the Misdemeanor or Felony Expungement Right Now

Call Andy Miri to get started immediately. Andy can begin the process of expunging your misdemeanor or felony conviction so you can get the job you deserve and to protect your privacy from anyone that has a computer and $20 to look into your private affairs.

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